App Guides

How to use ABC Grabber

1 Choose an exercise

Tap a graphic to start the exercise.

4 Information button

Tap the information button at top right to go to the information view.

2 Move the grabber

Tap the four buttons at the bottom right to move the yellow grabber around. Grab the letters in the right order.

Tap the center button to repeat the sound.

5 Start over

If you want to start over, tap the repeat button top right. Then choose the delete button in the box.

You can't undo a deletion.

No information leaves the app.

3 Go back

When you have found all the letters, go back with the top left button or just tap the picture.

How to use I can write

Choose a language

Tap a flag for the wanted language.


Tap one of the highlighted characters to find the right one. If you miss, you get fewer to choose from.

So you get immediate help adjusted to your present proficiency.

Play the game

Tap the hand to start the game.

Tap the screen repeatedly to move your plane up.

Try to stay clear of the obstacles.

Choose a level

The first level is free. If you want all the levels, use the Buy or Restore Levels button to get access.

When done

When you complete an exercise, you get your result. Now you can repeat the exercise or go back by tapping the buttons

Start over

Go to the information view, when you want to delete your badges and start over.

Choose the repeat button at the top right to start over. Check the delete button in the box that pops up.

Choose an exercise

Tap one of the buttons to choose an exercise.

When correct

When you complete an exercise correctly, you get access to the  game.

Tap the plane button to go to the game.